Handmade soap made with olive oil and vegetable glycerin

Sapouni-Sou was founded in 2015 in Velanidia, in the area of Vatika in southern Lakonia.
The idea to run a business was born by our love for the Laconian land and our desire to bring to the public products that are pure and free of chemical additives. The Laconian land, which is rich and affluent, gives us the pure virgin olive oil from the variety “Athenoelia”. Athenoeolia or “Dopia”, as locals call it, is the oldest and the rarest olive variety. The olive oil produced from this variety is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and is the one used in soap making here in Sapouni-Sou.
Another essential ingredient of our Handmade Soaps is the vegetable glycerin which, unlike the common glycerin, does not dry the skin but enhances its nourishment and hydration.
What is also special about Sapouni-Sou Handmade Soaps is that each soap is unique thanks to the handmade traditional technique we follow.

Handmade exfoliating gel with Aloe Vera extract and grated olive pit

In addition to soap making, in Sapouni-Sou we specialize in the manufacture of natural cosmetics. We have a full range of Skin Care products for the face, hair, and body.
One of our favorite ingredients is Aloe Vera extract. Sapouni-Sou brings you a variety of Skin Care product made with authentic, undiluted Aloe Vera extract. Just like our Handmade Soaps, our Skin Care Products are made with pure, natural materials. They contain no chemical additives, they are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, without any animal experiments carried out for their preparation.
In our list of products, you will find Aloe Vera Exfoliating Gel with grated olive pit, 24h Eye & Face Serum with Aloe with collagen and vitamins, 5 in 1 Multi-Purpose Oil with almond oil and pomegranate and many other cosmetics that have been loved by all those who have tried it!


Sapouni-Sou Handmade Soaps and Natural Skin Care products are available for wholesale.
If you have a store and you like to include our products, do not hesitate to contact us!